How Do You Use Avianca's Web Check-in Service?

How Do You Use Avianca's Web Check-in Service?

To use Avianca's Web check-in service as of 2015, visit and place the cursor over Electronic Services. On the drop-down menu that appears, click Web Check-In. Enter the necessary information, set your seat preference and print your boarding pass.

On the Web check-in page, check the box to accept the company's terms and conditions, and then click Sign In to open the check-in feature. Select your flight's departure date, and then select the form of identification you want to use to look up your flight. Options include your booking code, e-ticket number or frequent flyer number. Next, select your preferred seat. After the summary page, print your boarding pass to complete the web check-in process.

Print the boarding pass in high quality with a clear bar code to avoid problems at the airport. If you have checked bags, drop them off at the airport. You may need your travel documents to complete the check-in process.

Check the minimum arrival times on to verify when you must be at the airport. The minimum arrival time varies based on the flight's route and whether you have baggage or not.

Web check-in is available 24 hours before the flight's departure time. Avianca also offers a mobile check-in smartphone application. At the airport, check-in options include self-service kiosks and Aviance ticket counters.