How Do You Use the Average Formula in Excel?

How Do You Use the Average Formula in Excel?

The average function on Excel allows you to find the average of a list of numbers, named ranges, arrays or cell references. This project takes just a few minutes and requires only a computer with Microsoft Excel and the data to be averaged.

  1. Enter terms to be averaged

    Enter the numbers down a single column. If you choose column A, start entering data terms in cell A1, and move down the column, placing one term in each cell. The second term would be entered in A2, the third in A3 and so on until all terms are entered.

  2. Prepare to use the formula

    Click on the cell in the column directly below the last term you entered. Click on the "Formulas" tab, and choose "More Functions." Select "Statistical," and then click on "Average."

  3. Get the average

    To get the average, select all the cells that contain the data you want to average by clicking on the first cell in the column and dragging the cursor down until all the data cells are highlighted. Click "OK." The average should appear in the cell below these data items. To check which cells are included in the average, click on the answer cell. The formula reveals the range of cells that are averaged.