How Do You Use an Apple TV to Stream From a Computer?


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The easiest way to use an Apple TV to stream from a computer is to use AirPlay Mirroring. To do this, both the computer and the Apple TV must be using wireless Internet on the same network. Both devices also have to have the most up-to-date software.

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How Do You Use an Apple TV to Stream From a Computer?
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Consumers also need to ensure that AirPlay is turned on by checking the Settings menu on their Apple TV. To use the feature, first select the AirPlay Mirroring menu on the top menu bar. Then select Apple TV, and make sure that the AirPlay Mirroring icon turns blue. This indicates that the connection is turned on and that the contents of the computer screen should be appearing on the TV.

Another option for consumers who want to stream from a computer to an Apple TV is to sync photos, videos or music files via iTunes. To do this, consumers need to make sure that Home Sharing is turned on both on the computer and on the Apple TV. If Home Sharing is turned on, iTunes files should appear as a list of available streaming options after selecting the Computers app on the Apple TV homepage. Consumers can then select a file, which streams via wireless Internet.

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