How Do You Use the Apple Store Locator?

use-apple-store-locator Credit: matt buchanan/CC-BY 2.0

Enter a ZIP code or the city and state of the desired search area in the Find a Store box at the top of the Apple Store locator page. Hit the Enter button to submit the search criteria.

The Apple store location search results appear both in a list format and on a map. The list to the left side of the screen organizes the stores based on proximity to the entered search criteria, with the closest store first. The list includes the store's name and address, along with a View Store Details link. Clicking the link directs the user to a page with the address, store hours and link for driving directions and a map. Each store on the list also has a letter next to it starting with A and going though the alphabet.

The map displays all of the locations in the search results. Each Apple store appears as a square with the letter corresponding a store on the list. The first store on the list is marked with a square featuring the letter A. Clicking one of the map markers pulls up a box with the store address, phone number, photo and a link to see additional details. When the user clicks the marker, the store information also becomes highlighted in the list to the left.