How Do You Use the Amazon Instant Video App?

How Do You Use the Amazon Instant Video App?

To use the Amazon Instant Video app, install the app on a cell phone, tablet, Blu-ray player, console or TV device and register the device. The app is available through Amazon or application stores such as the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Setting up the Amazon Instant Video app is usually very easy. Users can start using the application through the following steps.

  1. Download the app
  2. Download the application from the device's relevant app store. Users who are not sure if their device is compatible with the app can consult a list of compatible devices on Amazon's website.

  3. Sign into Amazon
  4. Open the application and sign into an Amazon account. Amazon Prime users should log in using their Amazon Prime account email and password, as the Amazon Prime Instant Video includes a free streaming library. If a registration code pops up, write it down.

  5. Register the device
  6. To register the device, use a computer to visit the Watch Anywhere page or the registration page on Amazon and select the relevant device. Enter the registration code. Follow any prompts that pop up and click "Begin Registration." Users can see their registered devices under their "Amazon Instant Video Settings" page.

Users can only register a device to a single Amazon account. Once the device is registered, users can start watching, renting or purchasing videos through the app.