How Do You Use the Address Book on a Mac Computer?

How Do You Use the Address Book on a Mac Computer?

To use the address book on a Mac computer, first create a contact list, choose one from the book and choose the email option. The address book allows users to input as much, or as little, information about their contacts, but still connect them to Mac's email application quickly.

The address book requires contacts before it can send out any emails. Use the following instructions to create an address book and use it to send out an email.

  1. Create a contact
  2. Launch the address book application and press on the add button. Enter all of the wanted person's details and make it a priority to enter his email address. Choose a display picture and any other options wanted for that specific person, and then move on. Repeat this process until the address book is filled with the wanted number of participants.

  3. Send the email
  4. The email tab is located at the top of the name card. Open the menu, and click on the send email option.

  5. Create a group
  6. For a group email, create a new group from the file menu and drag all of the wanted members from the address book inside. When sending an email, insert the group in question and it will send the same email to all of the participants.