How Do I Use an Acer Recovery Disk?

Insert the Acer recovery disk in the drive to reinstall, then repair or recover your operating system or data. Acer also refers to a recovery disk as a rescue disk, a boot disc or a restore disc. The recovery disk, which can equal up to four discs in total, is different than the recovery partition that comes pre-installed on some Acer laptop computers.

  1. Turn on the computer

    Press the Power button to turn on the computer. Insert the Acer recovery disk into the CD tray. Close the tray, and restart the computer.

  2. Boot from CD

    As the computer boots up, press the "Ctrl," "Alt" and "Esc" keys to launch the CMOS. Select Advanced Bios Features, and make sure the boot sequence starts with CD-ROM. Follow the on-screen commands to exit the CMOS, and restart the computer.

  3. Use the recovery disk

    Press any key to boot from the CD if you see the prompt before the Windows logo appears. Select HDD Full Rebuild from the recovery options. Follow the instructions. Eject Disk 1 when prompted, and insert the next Acer recovery disk. Close the disc tray, and click OK. Continue this process until Acer fully recovers the operating system and restarts your computer.