How Do You Use the ACCESS Florida System to Manage Your Food Stamps?

How Do You Use the ACCESS Florida System to Manage Your Food Stamps?

In order to use My Access on the Florida Department of Children and Families website, register for an account on the website. The registration process requires filling out the name, address, case number and other private information. Once the registration is complete, confirm it through email and begin using the My Access interface.

The My Access account was initially created to make managing all forms of assistance programs easy by allocating all of them online. The interface has several features, such as checking application status, reported income changes, requesting assistance from other programs or as a source to view other private information. To register for My Access interface:

  1. Set up account
  2. Visit the application page through the FDDCF website. Fill out each section including personal information, case number, user identification and security questions.

  3. Choose the notification method
  4. Pick either email or postage. This choice will decide how FDDCF communicates and sends notices. Email is the most commonly chosen preference as it sends a link to the notification received on My Access.

  5. Accept the user agreement
  6. The final portion of the registration process requires accepting the user agreement at the end of the application. After accepting it, press next to finish the registration.