How Do You Upload Songs for YouTube?


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To upload a song to YouTube, use Windows Live Movie Maker to convert it to a format that YouTube supports, sign in with your YouTube account, click on the Upload button, and select the song. Once the upload process is complete, make the song available to the public.

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Since YouTube doesn’t allow users to upload audio formats such as MP3 or WAV, as of 2015, download Windows Live Movie Maker via the Downloads section on Microsoft.com, and install it. To bypass this restriction, create a makeshift video file that combines the audio content from the song with an image. Start Windows Live Movie Maker, click on Add Videos and Photos, and select the desired image. Click on Add Music, and select the song you wish to convert. Adjust the duration of the image being displayed so that it matches the duration of the song, click on Recommended for This Project, name the video file, and click Save.

After signing in to YouTube with your YouTube or Google Plus account, click on the Upload button, modify the privacy settings if necessary, and select the video file you created earlier. While the upload process is undergoing, choose whether to notify your subscribers, and adjust the monetization settings if you’re partnered with YouTube. If you chose the Private or Unlisted privacy setting for the song, click on Share to send the link to people you want. Otherwise, click on Publish to release the uploaded song publicly.

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