How Do You Upload Photos to "National Geographic"?

How Do You Upload Photos to "National Geographic"?

How Do You Upload Photos to "National Geographic"?

Photographers must upload photos to National Geographic using the magazine's Your Shot website program. To use this system, create an account, follow the photo guidelines and upload photos from a computer.

  1. Create an account

    Access the Your Shot page on National Geographic's website. Find the link to join Your Shot, and provide the required information in the spaces given. Confirm your account via email. Log in to begin uploading photos.

  2. Select a photo assignment

    Search through the Your Shot main page, and select a photo assignment. The assignments include deadline dates. Take or select an existing photo that fits the assignment criteria within the deadline, and save it on a computer.

  3. Format the photo

    Save the photo as a JPG or JPEG file, and verify that it is at least 1,600 pixels on its longest side. Edit the photo in a photo-editing software to ensure it is less than 20 megabytes large. Write down or remember the location of the file after it is saved.

  4. Upload the photo from a computer

    While logged in to the Your Shot website, click the upload button, and select the option to browse for a file from a computer. Select the photo's file location, click on the file and follow the prompts to upload it. Select the assignment to which you are submitting the photo, along with captions or additional information relevant to the shot.