How Do You Upload a File to Google Drive?


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To upload files to Google Drive, log into the account, click on the Upload icon, then double-click on the desired files and confirm. Those using the most updated versions of Firefox or Google Chrome can also drag and drop files directly from their computers to folders and subfolders in Google Drive.

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Another way to upload files to Google Drive is to open drive.google.com, click New and choose Upload Files from the drop-down menu. Those who do not see New as an option may be using an older version of Drive, in which case they would need to click the Upload icon and click on Files. Then they can select the files they would like to upload to Google Drive.

To select multiple files, press the Shift key on a PC (or Command on a Mac), then highlight all the desired files to upload to Google Drive. A box displays the progress of the file uploads. Users can click on the file name to open it or click the X on the upper-right corner to close the box.

Google Drive allows users to access important files and folders any time and anywhere by simply logging into their accounts. They can also upload folders to Google Drive, which maintains the original folder structure. If they like, they can share files and folders with other Google Drive users.

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