How Do You Upgrade From Vista to Windows 7?

How Do You Upgrade From Vista to Windows 7?

Upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 by placing a Windows 7 DVD into the disc drive. Once the disc is inserted into the computer, click Run Setup. The computer then begins examining the contents of the hard drive.

The installation program asks if you want to go online for the latest updates or install the basic version of Windows 7. Getting the latest version of Windows 7 is recommended since it has the most recent computer drivers for the computer.

Before you can upgrade your computer, you must first agree to Microsoft's license agreement. Next, upgrade your operating system, and let the program do the rest. The upgrade of an operating system can take an extremely long time. If you're upgrading a laptop, make sure it is plugged in and charging during the upgrade.

Once the upgrade is complete, a prompt asks you to type in the product key, which is on the CD packaging. You must also enter your preferred settings for the new operating system. After everything is set, the computer brings you to the login screen.

Not every program and device used with Vista computers works with Windows 7. Before upgrading, look into what won't be carried over to the new operating system.