How Do You Upgrade the RAM of a Macbook Pro?

How Do You Upgrade the RAM of a Macbook Pro?

To upgrade the RAM of a MacBook Pro, first identify the specific model of the machine and the amount of RAM that is permissible to add, then confirm that the memory you wish install is compatible with your MacBook Pro. Remove the screws holding the bottom case of the MacBook, and then remove the existing memory card from the machine by disengaging the security levers and pulling the card out. Carefully install the new memory card into the existing card slot until it securely snaps into place. Replace the cover to complete the RAM upgrade procedure.

  1. Remove the cover

    Shut down your MacBook Pro, and disconnect all power adapters and cables. Flip the machine over to remove the screws from the bottom of case. Ensure that you keep track of where the screws go; they are different lengths and fit in specific locations. Pull the cover off the bottom of the machine.

  2. Remove the memory

    Locate the memory card, and push the levers on the card outward to unlock it from the memory slot. Carefully pull the card up and out by the notches, and remove it from the slot.

  3. Install the new memory

    Align the notch on the edge of new memory card with the notch in the lower memory slot, and push it into the slot. Push firmly down on the memory card until you hear a click, which indicates that the card is correctly seated. Repeat the process to install additional memory cards, if needed.

  4. Replace the cover

    Replace the bottom cover, and replace all the screws to their original locations to complete the upgrade procedure.