How Do You Upgrade a Dell Dimension XPS Phoenix BIOS?


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A computer's BIOS software can be updated by downloading and then installing updates from the manufacturer's website. It's very important to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer, as failure to do so may result in damage to the system.

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Determine the current BIOS version by paying attention to the start-up screen shown on the computer before the operating-system screen appears. Search for "BIOS update" on the computer manufacturer's website. For Dell, the BIOS update can be found on its website at Drivers & Downloads>BIOS>Expand. This provides the latest information on BIOS versions, including a listing of what was updated in the latest version. This gives the user an idea as to whether or not the update solves the problem needing to be corrected.

If the computer BIOS is experiencing issues that aren't listed in the update information, continue with the update as an earlier version may have addressed the issue. If the BIOS requires an update, the site guides the user through the process of downloading and installing the update. On the Dell site, the option to download the update appears when "Expand" is selected under the BIOS section in the downloads.

It's very important to consult the manufacturer's website. Failure to do so can result in a corrupted BIOS. If the BIOS does become corrupt, the computer manufacturer's website can assist the user through the process of restoring the BIOS to factory settings.

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