How Do You Get Updates for Your Mio GPS?

To get your first free map or GPS update for a new Mio, visit, enter your email address, click No, I am a new customer, enter your contact info, and then register your device. You must do this within 30 days of purchasing your Mio.

Your first free update includes the same features and map coverage that correspond to what was originally pre-programmed on your Mio. The update does not occur if there are no changes to your local map coverage within 30 days of purchasing your Mio or the first time you use it.

You can also buy updates and new, expanded map coverage in Mo's e-shop at under Maps. Lifetime Mio map updates are released four times each year, and these are free to download via the MioMore Desktop interface. To install the interface, you may either use the DVD that came with your Mio or visit, click Support, Downloads & FAQ, your device's name, and then type in "lifetime."

A direct link to download the MioMore Desktop is included in most of the frequently asked questions about lifetime map updates. The Support section also indicates which devices may receive lifetime map updates via and devices that are entirely ineligible.

Open MioMore Desktop, click Redeem and enter the product key that the manufacturer enclosed in the box your actual Mio came packaged in. MioMore Desktop indicates via an onscreen message when you successfully register your map update product key.