How Do You Update Windows XP?


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Microsoft stopped offering support for Windows XP as of April of 2014, so the only way to obtain updates is to upgrade the operating system or to create a registry change to work around the incompatible updates available. The workaround works for Windows XP 32-bit operating systems and helps users obtain the new updates otherwise meant for newer Windows operating systems.

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Before making any changes to the Windows registry, it is recommended to create a backup. The workaround below allows updates to be installed successfully on Windows XP, as the Windows Embedded Industry updates, formerly known as Windows Embedded POSReady updates are essentially the same ones that would have been used for Windows XP if Microsoft was still supporting the product.

  1. Create a text document
  2. Create a .txt document and name it XP.reg, making sure the extension is .reg and not .txt. If the file does not show up as a registry file, uncheck "Show Hidden Files and Folders" through the tool option in any folder.
  3. Edit the file
  4. Right click the file and select "Edit."
  5. Paste in the following:
  6. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00"Installed"=dword:00000001
  7. Save the file
  8. Save the file then double-click to make the change to the registry. Windows will now be able to look for updates and install them to the Windows XP system without any errors or conflicts.
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