How Do You Update Your Windows Drivers for Free?

How Do You Update Your Windows Drivers for Free?

To update Windows drivers for free, run Windows Update, perform a scan for updates and install any that are available. Alternately, find a specific driver from the manufacturer's website.

Run through the following steps to update device drivers through Windows Update.

  1. Open Windows Update
  2. To find Windows Update, use the search function in the Start menu.

  3. Check for updates
  4. Choose this option to check for available updates, including driver updates for devices installed on the computer.

  5. Select the relevant updates
  6. Select the updates for any device drivers installed on the computer by checking the boxes next to the updates.

  7. Install the updates
  8. Click "OK" and choose the install option to confirm the selection and install the updates. Windows may ask for an administrator password.

Sometimes, Windows Update cannot find device drivers. To find a free update manually, run through the following steps.

  1. Go to the manufacturer's website
  2. Go to the device manufacturer's website.

  3. Visit the support section
  4. Most manufacturers provide drivers through their support sections.

  5. Find the update
  6. Find the update for the device.

  7. Install the update file
  8. Double click the update file to automatically install it. If the update cannot install automatically, download it, go into Control Panel and select the System and Security option. Go into the Device Manager section, click on the device and select the option to update the driver from the Driver tab. Follow any prompts that pop up on the screen.