How Do You Update Windows 8?

How Do You Update Windows 8?

To update Windows 8, navigate to Settings, click Change PC Settings, click Update and Recovery, and click the Check Now button. Wait for Windows to check for the most current updates. If Windows finds any updates, click Install Updates.

  1. Open the Windows Settings

    Swipe in from the right side of the screen, or point your mouse to the lower-right corner, and move it upwards. From the menu that appears along the right edge of the screen, click on the Settings icon.

  2. Check for updates

    From the Settings menu, click on Change PC Settings, then click Update and Recovery. Click the Check Now button. Wait a few minutes while Windows checks for available updates.

  3. Install updates

    When presented with the option, click Install Updates. If provided, read and accept the license terms, and click the Finish button. Some updates require you to restart your computer. Click the Restart button, or save and close any open files and applications before restarting your computer manually.

  4. Enable automatic updates

    Return to the Updates and Recovery page of the Settings menu. Click Choose How Updates Get Installed. Select Automatic Updates under Important Updates. You can also set Recommended Updates to match the important ones. Click Apply when finished.