How Do You Update Ubuntu?


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Ubuntu is updated by using the Software Updater application, which is part of the operating system. It is a straightforward process that is quick to complete, and can be done with minimal technical knowledge.

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  1. Back up
  2. Before processing any update, it is best to back up the existing installation of Ubuntu. This includes all of the data on the computer.

  3. Launch the Software Updater
  4. Launch the application Software Updater. This is done by pressing the Superkey, or Windows key. This launches the Dash where a search for the update manager can be done.

  5. Scan for updates
  6. The Software Updater can check the computer to see if there are Ubuntu updates that are available. To start this, click the Check button. If the Software Updater finds updates, click on the Install Updates button to install them. After each installation, click Check again so that the Software Updater can check for further updates.

  7. Upgrade
  8. Once the check and install updates process is complete, click on Upgrade. A message will display on the screen. It outlines details of the new version of Ubuntu. After reading this, click on Upgrade to start the process, and follow all of the on screen instructions. At the end of the process, Ubuntu will be updated.

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