How Do You Update TomTom GPS Maps?


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The TomTom GPS maps can be updated by visiting the official TomTom website and downloading the application that recognizes the current map information on the navigator and offers the latest available maps. These updated maps are accurate as they are carefully reviewed, but they are a paid service.

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There are options for updating the existing TomTom maps for free. The first option is MapShare that is offered by the developer. The user can update the street names, restricted turns, traffic direction changes, speed limit changes and any blocked roads with this package.

These changes are regularly updated by the TomTom owners and are combined into a single unit that is available for download to navigator owners who are registered on the website and have the home application installed. The user needs to connect the device and activate the TomTom home. It then prompts the user to download the available updates.

Another method of updating the TomTom GPS maps is by using the open street maps that are constantly upgraded by supporters. This application provides route creation and adjustments for faster maps. Another option to update the TomTom GPS maps is by using the android or iPhone smartphone application. This smartphone upgrade is also a paid service.

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