How Do You Update Software?

How Do You Update Software?

To complete a software update in Windows, first determine whether any software updates are available. If updates are available, download them and install them.

  1. Open the Windows Update interface

    To open the Update interface, first click the Start menu button in the lower-left corner of Windows. In the search box, type Update. Click on Windows Update from the list that appears.

  2. Determine if updates are available

    In the left pane, click on Check for Updates. Windows determines whether updates are available. You may have to wait, as it can take a few minutes for all of the updates to populate.

  3. Select the updates you want to install

    If updates are available, they appear in a list. Some of the updates may be marked as important. Review the updates to decide which updates you want to install, as you may only want to only install the important updates. Click the check box next to the updates you want to install.

  4. Install the updates

    Once you have selected the updates you wish to install, click Install Updates. Read and agree to the licensing terms before clicking Finish. Depending on your system settings, you may need to enter your administrator password. The updates are installed.