How Do You Update Your Router Firmware?


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To update your router firmware, download the firmware update from the manufacturer's website. Updating your router firmware may solve performance issues or improve your router's ability to handle connections. While the process is simple and takes just a few minutes, proceed with caution, as mistakes or interruptions can cause your router to stop working.

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  1. Download your router firmware update

    Visit your router manufacturer's website to download updated firmware files. Download the correct files for the model number and hardware version of your router, since incompatible files may cause your router to become unresponsive. You'll find this information printed on the bottom or rear of your router.

  2. Open your router's administration page

    Most routers have a Web-accessible configuration page. The exact IP address depends on your network configuration, but it is usually accessible by entering "" into your Web browser. You need the login name and password to access your router. If you have not set your login credentials, look in your user manual for the default login and password.

  3. Use the router's update wizard

    Browse through the router's configuration pages until you find a Firmware Upgrade or Update option. These pages typically have a Browse button that allows you to select the firmware files on your PC. Once you have selected the proper firmware files, press the Update or Upgrade button. Do not switch off your PC or router until the update is finished.

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