How Do You Update Your Phone to an Android 4.4?


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To update your phone to Android 4.4, first locate the update information on the handset. While the exact steps vary depending on the device, update information is accessible through the Settings app on most Android phones.

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Begin the update process by tapping the Settings app, and then the More tab. Next, scroll down to the bottom of the screen until you see the About Device section, which opens the software updates. Once you've entered the Software Update section, tap Check for Updates. The device lists any available updates on the screen. If no updates show up, Android 4.4 is most likely not yet available on the device. Check again in a week or two.

Before beginning the actual update, plug the device into its charger to prevent the battery from draining before the installation is finished. Once the phone is plugged in, tap the download button. Make sure that the downloaded version is correct, then tap Install. Once the installation is complete, the phone restarts, and the operating system is updated to Android 4.4. The device automatically updates all of the apps installed on the phone as well.

To find out what version of the Android operating system a handset is running, open the About Device section in the settings app. The version of the Android software currently in use shows up under Android Version on the display.

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