How Do You Update OpenGL Drivers?


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Depending on the operating system, OpenGL drivers can be updated by visiting a video card manufacturer website or through an operation system update, according to the OpenGL Foundation. Generally, Windows and Linux users find it easier to update OpenGL drivers than MacOSX users.

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Before attempting to update OpenGL drivers, Computer Hope advises users to first confirm that their platform supports the standard. For instance, OpenGL does not work on certain older versions of Windows NT. However, all versions of Windows from Windows 95 OSR2 onwards support OpenGL. Drivers can be updated by visiting the websites of NVidia, Intel, AMD and other video card manufacturers. Beta OpenGL drivers can be obtained from Guru3D and other websites. These may provide functions and problem fixes not available on stable OpenGL releases from official sources.

It is possible for beta drivers to introduce new problems. For that reason, they should not be used by those with limited technical proficiency. The OpenGL Foundation warns that without driver updates, Windows resorts to a slower version of OpenGL. Linux users can update OpenGL drivers by visiting the websites of video card manufacturers. Open source OpenGL drivers for some types of graphics processing units can be obtained from a number of community websites. Updating OpenGL drivers on MacOSX requires an operating system update. This can be obtained from Apple.com.

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