How Do I Update My Navman F20?

To update the Navman F20 portable GPS unit, connect it to a computer, download new installation files and run them. Installing these updates is easy as long as the user has a computer with a USB port and internet connection.

The Navman F20 comes out of the box with all the information users need to receive turn-by-turn directions and information on points of interest, including hotels, restaurants, and gas stations. Overtime, however, updates are necessary to improve user experience and unit accuracy. Doing this is a simple four step process:

Step 1: Find the Updates

Use the service section of the Navman website to locate the appropriate unit on the pull-down menu (see References for link).

Step 2: Download the Updates

Click on any available updates and download them to the computer.

Step 3: Connect the Unit

Use the mini-USB connector that came with the F20 unit to connect it to the computer that downloaded the updates and turn the power switch to "on."

Step 4: Run the Software

Open the downloaded software (.exe file) and follow the on-screen instructions to install and run the software on the computer. Once complete, click "Finish" to install the updates onto the F20 unit.

In addition to improving the unit's accuracy, updating the Navman F20 is also an important part of the troubleshooting process. Most updates address common operational problems the unit encounters when in use.