How Do You Update an IPad to IOS 5?

How Do You Update an IPad to IOS 5?

To update an iPad to iOS 5, connect the device to Wi-Fi, plug it into a power source, backup the device using iCloud, and then update the iOS by accessing the Software Update option from the Settings menu. An Internet connection is required.

  1. Backup the device

    Turn on the device, and plug it into a power source. After that, connect the device to Wi-Fi. Once connected, go to Settings, select iCloud, and then select Storage & Backup. Then, turn the iCloud Backup option by tapping on it. Once turned on, iCloud automatically starts backing up the device. Wait for the device to backup fully.

  2. Access the Software Update option

    Once the device is fully backed up, return to the Settings menu. Keep the power source plugged in the device. Then select General from the Settings menu, and then select Software Update.

  3. Update the device to the latest iOS

    In the Software Update menu, tap on the Download and Install button. Make sure the device is connected to a power source and Wi-Fi. Once the download finishes, select Install to complete the installation process and finish updating the device. You also have the option to select Later to manually install the update at a later time.