How Do You Update Your Garmin With NüMaps Lifetime?


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Update your Garmin with nüMaps Lifetime by downloading the nüMaps Lifetime update to a computer and then uploading the file to your Garmin unit. Garmin products with USB ports can connect directly to the computer, while some models require an SD or microSD card to transfer the file.

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The Garmin nüMaps Lifetime update requires an active Internet connection on an Apple or Windows computer. The update is over 10 gigabytes, so make sure you have enough free space on your computer before attempting the download. You must also have the required amount of free space on your Garmin. For older units with little disk space, use an SD card to hold the excess data. Due to the large file size, the download time may be long, especially on computers with slow Internet connections.

After downloading the file, connect your USB-compatible Garmin to your computer, and transfer the file. If your Garmin does not have a USB port, download the update to an SD or microSD card, and insert the card into your Garmin's expansion slot.

Garmin nüMaps Lifetime only updates business and street names for specific areas originally installed on your Garmin. For instance, if you purchase the nüMaps Lifetime update for Europe, it does not update location data for areas in North America. The product also does not update location data from other Garmin or third-party map products.

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