How Do You Update Firefox?

How Do You Update Firefox?

Although Firefox is set up to update automatically by default, updating it manually involves clicking on About Firefox on the Firefox menu bar, and then clicking on the Restart to Update button. This process only takes a few minutes to do.

  1. Find the Firefox button

    Make sure that Firefox is open. Click on the Firefox button located on the menu bar. You do not need to have a Firefox window open to update the browser.

  2. Check if your browser needs an update

    With the About Firefox dialog box open, check to see if the browser has any outstanding updates for you to install. The dialog box shows that Firefox is up to date if there are no updates for the browser.

  3. Update the browser manually

    The browser downloads all updates automatically. When the dialog box announces that the updates are ready for installation, click on the Restart to Update button. Clicking on this button closes all open Firefox windows and restarts the browser.

  4. Download the browser again if necessary

    If the browser does not completely download the updates or if you see the error message Update Failed, close Firefox. Download and reinstall the latest version of the browser by visiting the Mozilla Firefox website.