How Do You Update BIOS in a Dell?


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To update BIOS in a Dell computer, locate the correct driver at the Dell website and click on Download File. The user either needs to have the system service tag number or the specific model of computer to ensure the correct driver is selected.

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If a person's Dell computer is experiencing issues, the BIOS might need to be updated. Before starting, be sure the computer's battery is installed and it is also running on backup AC power.

  1. Navigate to the Dell website
  2. Access the Dell website with any browser. Either enter the service tag number or find the computer's model number.

  3. Click on the "Drivers & Downloads" tab
  4. From this tab, select the computer's operating system from the pull down menu. Select BIOS from the list under Category.

  5. Search for the most recent update
  6. Scroll through the list that was expanded in step two. Find BIOS and click on the arrow to expand that list. It then shows all of the updates available for that particular computer model. Click on the most recent version.

  7. Download the update
  8. Click on the Download File option to begin the download process. Download options are given in a pop-up menu. Choose one and then click Continue. Click Run when that option is given, then continue to follow the on-screen prompts to complete the BIOS update.

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