How Do You Update an Android Phone?


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To complete a software update on your Android phone, first go to the home screen, and then go to the Settings menu. Select the option labeled About Phone, and tap on the System Updates option. This causes the phone to search for updates. If an update is available, the phone automatically downloads and installs the update.

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How Do You Update an Android Phone?
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  1. Go to the home screen

    Turn the phone on if it is not already. Press the Home button to enter the home screen.

  2. Open the Settings menu

    When you push the Menu button, a list of options appears. Select Settings from the list of options.

  3. Update the phone

    Select About Phone from the list of options displayed in the Settings menu. About Phone is located near the bottom of the list. Tap on the System Updates option. This causes the phone to search the Android database for system updates. If a system update is available and your phone does not already have it installed, the update is downloaded and installed onto your device.

  4. Force an update if necessary

    Because different carriers release updates on a rolling schedule, there may be system updates available that don't show up when you do a manual update. To force an update, go to the Settings menu and tap on Apps, then on Show All. Go to Google Services Framework, tap Clear Data, and then tap Force Stop.

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