How Do You Update Android?

How Do You Update Android?

How Do You Update Android?

To update an android device, connect the device to Wi-Fi, and check for available updates by accessing the Software Update option under the About Phone/Tablet option from the Settings menu. If updates are available, select Yes to download and install them on the device.

  1. Back up the device

    Updating an android device shouldn't affect the files, but it is advisable to back up important contacts and data before trying to update the device.

  2. Check for available updates

    Connect the device to Wi-Fi, and make sure that it is either charged or plugged into a power source. Then, go to the Settings menu from the app menu or by sliding down the Notification Bar and selecting Settings from there. In the Settings menu, find the About Phone or the About Tablet option, select it, then select the Software Update option. Keep in mind, the actual wordings in the menu can differ slightly depending on the device and the version of Android it's running. When the device is connected to Wi-Fi, it automatically starts checking for updates. However, if it doesn't and another menu appears, select Software Update Check or a similar option from that menu.

  3. Update the device

    If there are any available updates found for the device, the device prompts whether to install the updates or not. Select Yes when prompted to begin downloading the update. After the download is complete, it's automatically installed, and the device restarts.