How Do You Free up Disk Space on Windows 8.1?


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Free up disk space on Windows 8.1 by using the Disk Cleanup application, uninstalling unnecessary programs, removing Windows Store apps and archiving old files. All three methods are available within Windows and require no third-party software.

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Disk Cleanup scans the hard disk for files that a user no longer needs and deletes them automatically. To use the application, swipe in from the right edge of the monitor, click Settings, and then click Control Panel. Search for "admin" using the search box, select Administrative Tools from the results, and click Disk Cleanup. Select a hard disk partition from the drop-down list, check the types of files the tool should delete, and click OK. If the application displays a message, click Delete Files.

Free up storage space by uninstalling unused or little-used applications. To do so, swipe in from the right edge, click Search, and type "Programs and Features." Select the application from the search results, click a program on the list, and click the Uninstall button above. The application may ask for administrative privileges. Type in the appropriate user account name and password to proceed.

Use a different method to uninstall applications downloaded from the built-in Windows Store application. To do so, swipe from the right edge, click Settings, and then click Change PC Settings. Navigate to the Search And Apps tab, select an application from the list, and click Uninstall.

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