What Are Some of the Most up-to-Date Bluetooth-Compatible Devices?


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Some of the most up-to-date Bluetooth-compatible devices as of August 2015 include GC-H090 and GC-H091 Bluetooth band watches, the GC-H080 Bluetooth dongle and GC T031 Bluetooth glasses. Other Bluetooth-compatible devices new to the market include GC-HO01 and GC-H020 Bluetooth headphones and the GC-HO1 Bluetooth helmet for gaming.

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Still more recently released Bluetooth-compatible devices are the GC-RT01 and GC-RT02 Bluetooth keypads, GC-RT03 Bluetooth mouse, GC-RT04 Bluetooth pointer and GC-R010 and GC-R011 Bluetooth receivers, all of which were approved by Bluetooth SIG in July 2015.

Bluetooth wireless technology has a range of about 30 feet. However, depending on the device class, this range can extend to about 100 meters. Bluetooth technology consumes low amounts of power and provides audio, data and voice connections between different devices. It pairs devices using a spread-spectrum, full-duplex signal at the rate of 1600 hops per second.

Many manufacturers today implement Bluetooth wireless technology in their products, from smartphones and tablets to medical devices and automobiles. These devices are available globally, with over 19 million shipping every week. While Bluetooth offers wireless technology to be adopted by manufacturers, many of these manufacturers have software upgrades specific to their devices, with some offering adapters that add more Bluetooth functionality, depending on the devices.

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