How Are Unwanted Applications Deleted in IOS 7?

How Are Unwanted Applications Deleted in IOS 7?

There are two ways to delete unwanted apps on an Apple device using iOS 7: on the home screen or through the Settings icon. Removing an app from an iOS device does not remove the app from a user's iTunes account.

All Apple devices use iOS operating systems connected to a specific user's iTunes account. Users have the option of sharing apps between devices or limiting an app's use to particular devices. In the event that a user has an app downloaded onto one Apple device which they no longer want to use on that device, there are two easy ways to delete the app. However, doing so only impacts the device itself; the app remains in the user's iTunes account and can be re-downloaded and installed at any time.

Deleting an App from the Main Screen

Users can delete an app from an Apple device's home screen where the app icon is displayed by following these two steps:

  1. Locate the app to be deleted either on a home screen or within an app folder. Touch and hold the icon until it begins to shake and a small "x" appears in the upper right corner.
  2. Touch the "x" on the icon. A confirmation message will appear in a pop-up window. Touch the "Delete" button to confirm that the app is to be removed from the device.

Deleting an App from the Settings Menu

When users want to delete multiple apps from a device, it is easier to do so through the "Settings" menu. This process also takes only two steps:

  1. Tap the "Settings" icon. Then, from the main menu, select the "General" section and then "Usage."
  2. The Usage section displays the names of all the apps currently downloaded onto the device, in alphabetical order. Scroll down to the app to be deleted, touch the name and then hit the "Delete App" command, written in red at the bottom of the screen. Confirm the deletion by hitting the "Delete App" button in the pop-up window. After completing the Settings section delete, users should return to the main "Usage" screen, where they can repeat Step 2 to delete additional apps.