How Do You Unmerge Cells in Excel?


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Cells that are merged together can be unmerged by selecting the merged cell and clicking Unmerge Cells from the Merge & Center option. The Merge & Center option allows merging and unmerging cells, and it can be found in the Alignment category under the Home tab.

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  1. Select the merged cell

    Click on the merged cell that needs to be unmerged. Keep in mind that after unmerging the cells, the value of the merged cell is shown in the upper-left cell in the selected range of cells.

  2. Find the Merge & Center option

    The Merge & Center option is under the Home tab. Select the Home tab, and find the Alignment category. The Merge & Center option is listed in this section. The Merge & Center option houses a list of options that can carry out several operations, including unmerging cells.

  3. Unmerge the merged cell

    While keeping the merged cell selected, click on the arrow next to the Merge & Center option. This opens a list of all available options. Select Unmerge Cells from the list of options. Whatever the value of the merged cell was, after unmerging, it is shown in the upper left cell of the selected range of split cells.

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