How Do You Unlock Tablets?


Tablets are usually unlocked by either entering a password or tracing a specific pattern on the tablet's touch screen. If the user has forgotten the password or correct pattern, then additional methods may be required, such as entering the user's Google account details for Android tablets.

If a user has forgotten the pattern lock required to unlock a tablet, then an Android tablet usually asks for additional verification. This option appears after the pattern has been incorrectly entered a certain number of times. After the Google account details have been entered, the user can reset the pattern lock.

Unlocking a tablet when the user has forgotten the PIN code is often more difficult. On Android tablets, there are apps that can bypass PIN codes. These are found on Google Play, and they can be installed remotely by visiting the app and downloading it on a different device.

There is not a simple way to unlock an iPad if the user has forgotten the PIN code. The only way to access an iPad if the user can't remember the password is to perform a full factory reset. This deletes everything from the iPad, so it is important to have a recent backup before continuing.