How Do You Unlock Your AT&T Phone Using a Code?


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To unlock your AT&T phone using a code, ensure you have a device branded by AT&T, request an unlock code from the company's website, insert a non-AT&T sim card, switch on the phone and enter the code. Once you enter the code, you have unlocked your device.

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To unlock your AT&T phone, visit AT&T's website, and review the requirements you need to meet to receive the unlock code. If you meet these requirements, submit a mobile device unlock request, and wait for AT&T to complete the request. The request takes five business days to complete, according to AT&T. You can also check the status of your request on the company's website.

If AT&T supports your phone, it sends you the unlock code after completing your request. When you receive the code, power off your phone, and remove the AT&T sim card. Insert a sim card from another service provider, and power the phone. Insert the code when your phone prompts you to do so.

Take caution when entering the code because incorrect attempts can permanently disable the unlock functionality. The maximum number of incorrect attempts allowed depends on the phone manufacturer. Note that for you to use the unlock code, your phone must not be reported stolen or associated with fraudulent activity.

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