How Do You Unlock the Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone With a Code?


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The international mobile equipment identity number of the Samsung phone is required to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone with a code. Obtain the IMEI number by dialing *#06# on the keypad, or view it on the information label below the battery of the phone.

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However, the number underneath the battery may differ. Contact the network provider, and request for an unlocking code. If the carrier requirements are met, the carrier provides the code for free. If the network provider does not provide the unlocking code, multiple sites online offer to provide the unlocking code.

Select a trustworthy site to order the unlocking code. Provide the IMEI number, the model and the carrier of the phone and request the code. You can receive code via a text, an email or a phone call, depending on the policy of the website. Insert the new SIM card. It could take a couple of hours or a few days depending on the service level.

The phone then issues a prompt asking for a code. Insert the code received earlier from the website. The Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone is now unlocked. Unlocking the Samsung Galaxy S3 using the code method is the safest and most noninvasive way of unlocking the phone.

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