How Do You Unlock a MetroPCS Phone?

unlock-metropcs-phone Credit: Tara Moore/Taxi/Getty Images

To unlock a MetroPCS phone, call MetroPCS customer service at 888-863-8768, or visit a MetroPCS store and request an unlock code. MetroPCS provides unlock codes to customers with a GSM phone who have had active phone service for at least 90 consecutive days.

The customer must provide the name and PIN number on the billing account, the device phone number and a valid email address. After verifying that the phone is eligible to be unlocked, the representative creates the unlock code, and the customer receives the code via email within two to three days. Unlocking a qualified phone is free.

If the phone service was suspended within the last 90 days, the customer may still receive an unlock code as long as payment is current and phone service is not disconnected.

Deploying service members do not have to meet the 90-days phone service requirement. However, they must request the unlock code in person at a MetroPCS store and provide a copy of deployment orders.

GSM phones use the Global System for Mobiles radio network. The other radio network used for cellular phones is Code Division Multiple Access, or CDMA, which is used by Sprint and Verizon. MetroPCS customers with CDMA phones must contact their new service carrier to have the phone reprogrammed for the new network.