How Do You Unlock an IPod?


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To unlock an iPod if the code to unlock it has been forgotten, connect the iPod to the primary computer (the computer the device was first synced to), and open iTunes. Then, disconnect the iPod from the computer to unlock it. Additionally, the iPod Updater program can be used to restore the iPod to factory settings; however, this erases all data on the device.

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Apple will not unlock the iPod if the combination code has been forgotten. If both the code is forgotten and the primary computer is inaccessible, the only option is to restore the iPod. Music and other data can be put back onto the iPod after the restoring process has finished.

To change the primary computer to which an iPod is registered, first back up all important data. Then, restore the iPod to factory settings, and connect it to the new primary computer when that process has finished. Finally, open iTunes, and synchronize the device.

The screen lock code is a four-digit combination code that Apple allows users to input in order to access the device. This prevents other people from being able to access the iPod if it is stolen or misplaced. However, the screen lock only locks people out of the device's menu; if the device is connected to a computer, data such as contacts and notes can still be read.

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