What Is Unlimited Data?


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An unlimited data plan is one in which a service provider gives users the ability to browse the Internet and use other data-consuming applications on their phones as much as they wish. Despite unlimited status, providers reduce unlimited data plans in the event of too much usage.

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There are different tiers of unlimited data plans depending on the service provider. For most basic unlimited plans, providers reduce the service once users reach a certain milestone of usage. Various providers have different thresholds to pass before unlimited data speeds reductions. After data speed reduction, connections do not reach their normal speeds until the next billing cycle begins.

Some service providers offer true unlimited data plans in which there is no threshold for usage. Users operate on their service provider's networks throughout the month using as much data as desired. The downside to this is that some plans do not cover data usage when roaming. Roaming occurs when a service provider places the user on a different network when it is not able to provide coverage in a specific area.

To learn about the specific limitations of an unlimited data plan, such as the threshold and roaming limitations, customers review their service plans.

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