What Are the Universal Remote Codes for Durabrand Televisions?

Some of the universal remote codes for Durabrand televisions include 0133, 0189, 0135, 0153, 0217, 0157 and 1135. These codes are specific to the Jasco-owned GE universal remote. Universal remote codes for devices are dependent on the version of universal remote being used. Other Durabrand television codes can be found on the Jasco website.

A universal remote is a remote control that can be programmed to operate various brands of one or more types of consumer electronics devices. Low-end universal remotes are restricted by their manufacturer in the number of devices that they can control. Mid- and high-end universal remotes offer the possibility for a user to program in new control codes to the remote. Several remotes sold with electronic devices include universal remote capabilities, which allow them to control other devices beyond the one that they came with. For example, a DVD remote may be programmed to operate various brands of televisions. The first universal remote was introduced on May 30, 1985 by Philips under the Magnavox brand name.

Durabrand is a high-end luxury private label trade name of Wal-Mart. Durabrand was introduced in early 1999 as a brand exclusively made for Wal-Mart stores. However, it has experienced a growth in worldwide availability as a result of Wal-Mart's global reach. Wal-Mart Germany was the first company to introduce Durabrand with a lineup in consumer electronics.