What Are the Unique Features of SMART Notebook?


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SMART Notebook is a collaborative learning software and web application that allows teachers to create and deliver inspired lessons, access high-quality education content and engage students using cutting-edge teaching technology and methods. SMART Notebook even allows for use of interactive digital white boards.

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What Are the Unique Features of SMART Notebook?
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Using a link to an interactive digital whiteboard allows SMART Notebook to display the whiteboard content on the laptop computer screen of each student. SMART Notebook includes an Ink Aware feature that allows users to write and draw directly into Ink Aware files, which allows a student or teacher to write notes on any digital file being used for a particular class. SMART Notebook also integrates with other digital classroom tools such as touch-sensitive video projectors that allow completion of activities by pointing and touching the elements projected on a screen.

SMART Notebook allows instant access to the SMART Exchange which has over 60,000 high-quality lessons and additional content created by more than 3 million SMART Notebook users as of April 2015. SMART Notebook also has quiz and test-taking tools which allow for seamless switching from lesson delivery to assessment, with students able to respond to both planned or spontaneous questions from any web-enabled device.

SMART Notebook Express is a web-based application version of the SMART Notebook software and allows for remote access of SMART Notebook files and resources from any Internet-connected PC.

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