How Do You Uninstall Windows XP?


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To uninstall Windows XP restart the computer in Safe mode by hitting F8 while Windows is starting, log into an account with administrator privileges, go to Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel, and double click Uninstall Windows XP in the list of programs. Click Yes on the confirmation message that pops up, and the removal process should start. After the removal is complete, the computer restarts with the previously-installed operating system.

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To remove Windows XP, the computer must have been upgraded from Microsoft Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition or Windows Millennium Edition. Windows XP cannot be removed using the process above if the previous operating system was Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Windows 2000 or Windows NT 4.0. If the Uninstall Windows XP option does not appear in the list of installed programs, you may need to manually install another operating system in its place.

During the installation of Windows XP, the computer automatically saves removal files to the hard drive. If these files have been deleted, you may need to contact a computer technician to successfully remove Windows XP. Also, programs that were installed before the Windows XP upgrade was performed are preserved, while any programs installed after Windows XP was installed are removed during the uninstall process.

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