How Do You Uninstall Programs on Windows 7?

How Do You Uninstall Programs on Windows 7?

Navigate to the "Control Panel" and use the "Uninstall a program" tool to remove any programs that are no longer desired on Windows 7. Some programs require additional information from users in order to uninstall completely, so be sure to answer all questions to keep the uninstall process moving along quickly.

Uninstalling programs in Windows 7, rather than just deleting the program files, helps to keep the registry updated properly.

Step 1: Access the control panel

Click "Start" in the lower left corner and then click "Control Panel" in the menu.

Step 2: Locate the uninstaller

Under the "Programs" heading, click "Uninstall a program."

Step 3: Select a program

Once the list populates, choose the program to be uninstalled. The programs are listed by alphabetical order by default. Click the name of the program that is to be uninstalled.

Step 4: Begin the uninstall process

Click the uninstall button. Some programs require additional information to continue the uninstall process.

Step 5: Verify that the program is no longer installed

Once the uninstall process finishes, the programs list in the uninstall tool should refresh. Navigate to "Start" and then "Programs" to verify that the program is indeed uninstalled. Delete any shortcuts for the program, since these will no longer work.