How Do You Uninstall Your Operating System?

How Do You Uninstall Your Operating System?

Uninstall an operating system from a computer by installing a different version or using specialized tools such as OS-Uninstaller. You can also delete an operating system using a command prompt.

To uninstall an operating system using OS-Uninstaller, first download its setup file, and create a bootable disk using it. If you have Ubuntu installed in your computer, download the file and install from the terminal. Launch the application, choose the operating system you want to remove from the list displayed, and click OK. When a confirmation screen appears, click Apply. Wait for the operating system you selected to be completely uninstalled.

To uninstall your current operating using a different version, insert the bootable disk for the new operating system, and follow the installation wizard. When asked whether you're sure you want to delete your current operating system, click Yes.

You can uninstall Windows using the Safe Mode. Boot into Safe Mode, open the command prompt window, and navigate to the drive with the windows installation. Type the command "del Windows," hit Enter, and type "Y" when asked whether you're sure you want to delete.

As a precaution, back up important data residing on your hard disk before attempting to uninstall your operating system.