How Do You Uninstall Norton Security Scan?


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To completely uninstall Norton Security Scan, use the add and remove programs section of the Windows control panel to launch the software's uninstaller. This procedure requires following a series of instructions, which are shown on the screen throughout the program removal.

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The challenging part of removing Norton Security Scan is getting into the Windows control panel in the first place, as the way to access the control panel varies based on which version of Windows is installed. On older versions of Windows, the control panel is found by browsing through the submenus that appear after clicking the Start button. Windows 8 users can right click the Start button while in the desktop view and directly launch into the programs and features dialog. Those who prefer using the keyboard can press the Windows logo key and the letter R at the same time to open a run dialog, then type appwiz.cpl and press enter to launch the add and remove programs screen.

Once the correct control panel for adding and removing software is loaded, one must locate Norton Security Scan within the list. Rushing through the list is not advised, as there may be other Norton programs such as Norton AntiVirus on the computer that one does not wish to remove. Double clicking the Norton Security Scan entry launches the removal process, which features interactive dialogs that offer guidance. Once the software is removed, users restart the computer to finish the process.

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