How Do You Uninstall McAfee Products From a Windows XP PC?


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To uninstall McAfee products from a computer running on the Windows XP operating system, open the Add or Remove Programs feature via the Control Panel, highlight the McAfee program in the list of installed programs, and then click the Remove button near the top of the list. If a confirmation window pops up, confirm that you want to remove the program. Repeat the process as needed for any other McAfee programs listed in the Add or Remove Programs module.

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Alternatively, users can download a free program designed by McAfee called McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool at BleepingComputer.com. The download consists of a single executable file called MCPR.exe. Double-click it to run the program and remove all McAfee products from a Windows-based computer.

Sometimes folders or other files associated with a program linger on the computer even after uninstalling a program via Control Panel, including unneeded entries in the operating system registry that can adversely affect a computer's performance if allowed to accumulate. At Piriform.com, download and run the free version of CCleaner to remove these registry errors and other related, undesirable files. This program is well-reviewed on PCWorld and CNET, is safe and effective on any computer running a Windows operating system, and notably improves the performance of many systems that have slowed down over time.

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