How Do You Uninstall MacKeeper?

How Do You Uninstall MacKeeper?

Locate MacKeeper in the applications folder, and drag the icon into the trash can to delete the program from the computer.

  1. Quit the application

    Select the MacKeeper icon from the dock, and quit the application. Do this by right-clicking the icon and selecting Quit from the menu. If MacKeeper is not visible in the dock, it is not open.

  2. Open the applications folder

    The applications folder is located in the finder. To open the Finder, click on the square face located on the dock. This action opens the Finder window. The Applications folder appears in the navigation bar to the left of the window. Click Applications to open the folder.

  3. Locate the MacKeeper icon

    In the applications folder, locate the MacKeeper icon. The MacKeeper icon is a white robotic figure. Click the icon and drag the object into the trashcan on the desktop. To confirm this action, the system opens a pop-up window requesting the user password. Enter the user password to continue.

  4. Click Uninstall MacKeeper

    Following the user password entry, a window opens to uninstall MacKeeper. Click the uninstall button on the right side of the window. The user has the option to record the reason for uninstalling the program by selecting a reason on the survey form located in the window. This is not required to uninstall the program. The user then enters his password again to confirm deletion.

  5. Empty the trash

    Right-click the trash can on the dock, and select Empty Trash to completely remove MacKeeper from your system.