How Do You Uninstall Internet Explorer 10?


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Internet Explorer 10 cannot be deleted completely from the computer, but through "Settings" users can turn the program off so that it is no longer available for use. Navigate to "Settings" and remove the check mark from the box in front of Internet Explorer 10 to disable the browser.

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Internet Explorer 10 bundles with Windows 8, so it cannot be uninstalled. If users do not wish to use it, however, they can turn it off in the Windows settings.

  1. Open "Search"
  2. On a touchscreen computer, swipe the screen from the right edge of the screen across to the left and then tap "Search." On a computer without a touchscreen, use the mouse to move the cursor to the top right corner and move the cursor down. Then choose "Search" from the list.
  3. Locate "Settings"
  4. Once the search screen loads, type "Windows features" in the search box and press "Enter." Select "Settings" and then select "Turn Windows features on or off."
  5. Turn off Internet Explorer 10
  6. Look for Internet Explorer 10 in the list of Windows features and uncheck the box in front of IE 10.
  7. Verify that Internet Explorer 10 is turned off
  8. Close the "Settings" window and navigate back to the main desktop to verify that Internet Explorer 10 is no longer available.
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